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Art Tigerina

Art Tigerina Band

Jukebox Preachers

Art Tigerina, originally from Bryan/College Station, Texas, is an energetic and soulful vocalist who has entertained thousands in a span of over 2 decades. Tigerina remembers his first musical influences coming from his dad, Trinidad Tigerina and brothers who were always in bands and playing music. He also recalls the truck stop his mom worked in, where out of necessity; he’d accompany her to work where he’d sleep in the café booth during her overnight shift. “I remember late at night hearing all the old country songs on the juke box- I didn’t realize it then, but those songs shaped my taste in and longing for playing music.” Art first learned to play the drums and he also taught himself how to the play the guitar and saxophone. He realized his vocal talent in his teens with his first band being a rock band. From that point on- he was determined to have a successful career in music. It was with his brother Robert Tigerina’s Bryan, TX band, Tierra Mala, that he first sang Tejano music. Not long after that Art Tigerina started his own group called Algo Suave. After peaking in Bryan, TX with Algo Suave, nature took its course and Art Tigerina- Vocalist, Performer, and all-around “showman” was born!

In the early 90’s, Art made a big decision to move to San Antonio, TX with the hopes of furthering his singing career. Art did not know a single person in San Antonio and lived by faith in his car while playing for anyone who would listen. He would even play in bars to tracks on cassette tapes. Art did whatever it took to get his unique voice heard. In San Antonio, Art was successful in playing with a number of great bands- La Venganza Band and CityView Band to name a couple. It was with CityView Band that he found a real break and recorded a CD with them called "Vueltas y Vueltas". This title track was a great hit for not only CityView, but later it was re-recorded with Grupo Vida where it found even greater success.

In 1997, with the exit of Eddie Gonzalez, Art was asked to try out for well-known Grupo Vida. After only one audition, he had found what would be his musical home for the next 17 years. Art accepted the role as lead singer and energetic front man for Grupo Vida. Art Tigerina and Grupo Vida accomplished many things in the 17 years together. 10 albums were recorded, including 2 Grammy Nominations. Awards included TTMA Show Band of Year, and TTMA Male Entertainer (and Vocalist) of the Year Award nominations for Tigerina. Art and Grupo Vida were also blessed to do a year-long tour opening up for the DIXIE CHICKS playing TEJANO music to thousands throughout the country. Art Tigerina is indeed the SHOWMAN of Tejano music.

In May 2013, after more than 17 years with Grupo Vida and over 20 years in the music industry, Art Tigerina needed/wanted some time off from music and touring. He got married that year and took a well-deserved year off from playing music and touring to enjoy his wife and family.

Art is an incredibly versatile and powerful vocalist and his break from music would not last long. In 2015, Art started his solo career with the Art Tigerina Band (ATB). He has had a very successful solo career, with hundreds of shows performed. Art released his first Tejano solo album in late 2017 titled “De Mi No Te Olvidaras.” We anticipate it is one people will indeed not forget.

In 2018, Art was awarded “TMA’s Male Vocalist of the Year,” a well-deserved honor he will always be grateful for and proud of. For more than 30 years in the music industry and many accomplishments to note, Art Tigerina was also inducted into the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame Museum Class of 2019 in Alice, TX January 2020.

Art is currently in the studio recording his sophomore album with the Art Tigerina Band (ATB) that will be released in late 2021. This album will include the 2018 hit tracks “Ayudame” and a new twist to the old favorite “No Te Olvidare.” Both these tracks made the Top 20 list on Tejano Gold Countdown in 2019. Art released his rendition of Gary Stewart’s “An Empty Glass” of which made it to the #1 spot on Tejano Gold Countdown as well as Top 20 songs of 2020.

In February 2021, with a little push from his experience during the pandemic and the release of “An Empty Glass,” Art started his ALL COUNTRY band, the Jukebox Preachers. Art feels he has come full circle from those nights as a kid sleeping in the café booth. “I just knew someday, somehow, I’d be a singer. And I knew as I got older that I really wanted to sing country music. I’m just a good ol’ Bryan, TX boy, and now I’m able to share the music I love with more people. With my wife’s support, we expanded our music business (Tigerina Entertainment), started the Preachers, and now offer my music to a wider audience. It’s like a dream come true…again.” The Jukebox Preachers will be releasing their first original song,”Bourbon and Bad Decisions” in May 2021. The first Preachers album will be released mid-late 2021.

Art Tigerina is available for radio, tv, print, and phone interviews. The Art Tigerina Band and the Jukebox Preachers are available for shows, weddings, quinceañeras, festivals, clubs, and events to satisfy Tejano, Country, and all entertainment needs.

For all booking and media requests, please contact Chris Tigerina at and call/text 806-787-9738 for more information on performance schedule, recordings, and future shows. Catch all the up-to-date information on the Art Tigerina Band and Jukebox Preachers’ Facebook pages @arttigerinaband and @JukeboxPreachers.

Please visit all digital music outlets and where you can purchase the first Tejano album “De Mi No Te Olvidaras” with favorite tracks “La Misma,” and the title HIT featuring David Lee Garza, “De Mi No Te Olvidaras.” The re-released “Esta Noche Quiero Llorar” with the accompanying video is also viewable on Reverbnation. You can also find all current ATB releases, including “An Empty Glass” and “Cumbia Raza” at the link provided.

Thank you for your continued support and God Bless.

Tigerina Entertainment

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